What Will Be the Most Important Trend in the Event Industry in 2022?


In a recent article, I explored what will be the most important trend in the event industry in 2022. Here, I explored how outdoor events will continue to gain popularity in 2022. I also explored how Hybrid and virtual events will become the norm, and how Robots will fill the gap in labor. What will the future hold for event professionals? What are the biggest challenges meeting planners are facing? Will the meeting space shortage continue to worsen?

Hybrid and virtual events are here to stay

Despite their ambiguous names, hybrid and virtual events are here to stay for event pros in the next decade. They are a great way to reach a large audience while limiting the amount of physical space needed for attendees. A hybrid event also has the added benefit of reducing the company’s environmental impact. The following are some benefits of a hybrid event. Hybrid and virtual events can help event professionals plan disaster-proof events.

Outdoor events will remain popular in 2022

The popularity of outdoor events will remain high in the year 2022. While the indoor environment may be more inviting, it can also increase the risk of catching a disease like COVID-19. In addition, outdoor settings can accommodate larger crowds while maintaining social distancing protocols. Organizers should implement appropriate safety measures, such as putting up floor markers and signage, to prevent the spread of illness. For more information, visit


Meeting planners are struggling to find meeting space

A lack of meeting space has become a problem for meeting planners in many cities, particularly second-tier cities. While the saturation of meeting space in large metro areas has yet to reach the levels seen in smaller cities, meeting space shortages in second-tier cities are likely to be even worse. The good news is that meeting planners can take advantage of regional spaces. While space shortages will be difficult for many planners in the next few years, there are several ways to find meeting space for your next event.

Robots will fill labor gaps

Automation is taking over many industries, but events are not immune. Automation is a key part of a successful business model, since it can take monotonous, repetitive tasks off a worker’s plate. And while automation may seem a scary thought, it actually gives workers some benefits. As automation continues to spread, more event professionals will be free to focus on their core competencies, such as event production and management.

Meeting planners are shifting away from the standard two-dimensional experience

As the pandemic hits the headlines, people will be more eager than ever to convene in person. These interactions add value to a network, share stories, and create new experiences. Expensive meetings and social distancing are a thing of the past. In 2022, planners will focus on improved communication and cost management. Hygiene will be a necessity, and hand sanitizers will no longer suffice.

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