Translation Myths and Facts


Many buyers of translation services believe that pitting their translation providers against one another is the best way to keep quality up. While it is true that it is possible to improve the quality of a document through translation, this approach is not the best solution. By paying one agency to translate your text and another to check for errors, you will only be ensuring that the quality of the translation is consistent. Unfortunately, this practice is a recipe for failure. By hiring a separate agency to check the content for errors, the reviewing party will concentrate on finding as many errors as possible and suggesting preferential changes.

Using the same translator over again will make your documents sound consistent. Translation companies will become familiar with your writing style and tone, as well as your message, as they have worked with the same clients for several years. It is like driving a familiar road, only more efficiently. The problem with this approach is that the quality of the translation will inevitably suffer as you use different translators for the same project.

Using the same translation company will improve the quality of your work. The more translators a translation agency uses, the more familiar they will become with your messaging, writing style, and tone. However, this does not necessarily mean that the same translator will be better than others. In fact, it may be better to work with a small translation agency, or even a freelance translator who specializes in your target language.

Blind testing is another popular misconception. It is a process in which a consumer sends their translation project to one translation vendor and then ask the same translator to translate the same project back into the original language. Once the two versions are back, the consumer can compare the two and see which one sounds better. While this approach may seem like a good way to determine the quality of translation, it doesn’t always work as expected.

When hiring a translation service, don’t forget to check the quality. In addition to checking for accuracy and consistency, it is important to hire a team of professionals with the same language. Choosing the best translation services for your project is critical, but don’t forget to check the details. There are so many myths about translation that it can be difficult to distinguish which ones are true.

The more translations a translation company employs, the better quality of the work. Besides having more translators, a large agency has more resources. A freelance translator may be better equipped to understand your target audience. A smaller translation agency can handle many languages more quickly than a large company. There are plenty of benefits to using a translator with more expertise, but it’s not advisable for every client.

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